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Direct Advice is an online business resource for SME's and business start-ups that provides good basic advice on a wide range of issues. For a new business starting out there is information about different ways to operate your business, advice on company formation and basic tax issues. For Small Medium Enterprises (SME's) there is information about corporation tax, employment law, search engines and websites in addition to general business advice. So whether you are starting out or already up and running there is something for everyone in this business resource.

Running your own business requires a wide range of knowledge. From creating your own business plans to developing a marketing strategy it is likely that you will have to learn a few new skills along the way.

Choosing bank accounts, selecting an accountant, building a website, staying on top of legislation and managing you tax liabilities are just a few of the tasks that need to be handled. Becoming an employer and working with the public also introduces new challenges including employment law, liability insurance and possibly a safety policy or workplace risk assessment. It is likely that you will choose to outsource some of these activities and may seek a service provider that can suppy hr for small businesses.

Many businesses often outsource administrative duties. There are many service providers online to support small business with payroll, secretarial matters, self assessment, accounting and bookkeeping. Additionally you can find resources to learn how to complete these tasks yourself. One example of this is the growth in payroll software and PAYE training.

There are many useful online resources like business link and also regional sites providing free information.

This site will continue to evolve and introduce new information so why not add this site to your bookmarks.

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For first time users there are three simple ways to find an answer to your question.

1. Use one of the 'Quick Links' at the top of the page to take you to a business that specialises in that field.

2. Use the left hand menu buttons to find submenu's with brief descriptions of topics.

3. Use the links below to take you directly to a specific subject or topic of your choice.

Direct Advice hopes that you find the solution to your problem. Whether you require simple business advice, business loans or information on tax or employment law this website should help.

Direct Advice are pleased to recommend websites that may be of interest to our users.

For infomation and advice on starting your own company visit to read their informative guide on company formation facts.


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